Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer begins

Things have been crazy lately. The last time I blogged was during the CRCT testing we had. I was one nervous teacher. As if having the stress of 26 students needing to pass the reading portion of the test in order to move onto fourth grade isn't enough, try adding the fact that I was a first year teacher. This year was difficult for many reasons. I was tested every day with being called a "supposed educator" and personally doubting my teaching abilities. Even though I didn't believe anything this person said to me or about me, after a while it started getting to me and I started to believe that this negativity might be correct.

 But in the end ALL 26 OF MY KIDS passed the reading test and they are all having a fun summer and headed to fourth grade. When I found out that all of my kids had passed I literally lost my mind. All the thoughts that I had been thinking, doubting myself and my teaching skills were running through my head. I honestly felt a rush of happiness knowing that I did it. My kids did it. :) 

Once testing was over we did a Because of Winn Dixie book study and a Trip to the Zoo math project. Field day was fun. Then began the joy of boxing up my classroom and moving locations. Room 4.223 was fun and many memories were made, but it's time to move to 4.209 and start new memories. 

But now that that is over and school is finally out for the summer I am actually enjoying myself. People. Let me say this. Teachers need summer vacation. 

I hope to start up my blogging weekly again! Here's a few photos of my last few days!


Mother's Day 2014. Eli, Aidan and I . 

Mother's Day 2014. We might look like our momma. 

Fifth Grade graduation. Watch out ladies. 

Eli and I waiting at Aidan's graduation

Part of my third grade team. We survived this year!

Zoo Atlanta Trip 2014 was a success!

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