Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly. Say What

This week is going by fast. Tomorrow is snow day #2 for us, which is weird. 

First I want to start off and say that Tuesday I was reminded why I am teaching. It was a difficult day in room 4.223. Students were acting out majorly and this teacher was losing it. But there was one student that just powered through and tried his hardest during math small groups. I worked with him extra long, just because I could. This one child was my reminder, during the dark part of the day, why I am doing what I am doing. 

#365daysofliz continues
Day 23: January 23, 2014: 
Rough morning. Late because I was making breakfast and before I even made it to the highway it was on the floorboard. 

Day 24: January 24, 2014:
My good ole friend Timothy came and read a book to my kids! They loved hearing a new voice during the day!
Day 25: January 25, 2014: 
My Saturday's are filled with basketball games for my brothers. This Saturday was a fun family filled day, but the gym was FREEZING at 10am. No heat at all!

Day 26: January 26, 2014: 
I waited all day for Sean and Catherine's wedding! It was gorgeous! Grown sexy for sure! Check out Sean's sister's blog post about the wedding! I have been following Shay for quite some time now and love her!

Day 27: January 27, 2014:
This is a stupid photo of the day, but it described my day perfectly. Losing my voice meant for a very quiet and cough drop filled day for me.

Day 28: January 28, 2014:
It started snowing while we were at school. For some reason my county didn't release us early, so after lunch we all took the kids outside to play. Many of our students have never seen snow before, so it was precious seeing them run around and squeal! While they played us teachers stayed warm and watched from the sidelines!

Day 29: January 29, 2014:
The beauty of untouched snow. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little more & a weekly

Goodness gracious! These last few days have been crazy! Last week I was busy every single night and this week I haven't slowed down.

Today third grade had our Professional Development Planning Day. I love learning from my peers and being able to walk out with new ideas for my classroom! I can't wait to post one of the new things we talked about doing once I get it printed and laminated!

QUESTION: Teachers:

We are spending a lot of time in Social Studies learning about American Heroes. So far this year we have learned about Susan B. Anthony, Paul Revere, Mary McLeod Bethune, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and the list goes on and on. I want to have a fun project or activity for the kids to do to pull all of their knowledge on these hero's back into their minds.  I have seen the activities where they can create a "Fakebook" page or a Pinterest board about the person, but with my group of students I don't think that will grab all of their attentions. Our school is very diverse. 
Any idea? Please? Help a teacher out!? 

And now onto my weekly....
#365daysofliz continues...
one more week stronger!

Day 16: January 16, 2014: Just a normal 6:45 am trip to Kroger to buy all of the remaining diet coke that was on sale!

Day 17: January 17, 2014: This day had been a very rough day. I had lost another day of planning, for another meeting. Then when I got back to my classroom I had to deal with some student issues and I was very upset. I walked to my phone in hopes of having some happiness in my day and I received a text from my little brother saying he got accepted into MSU! I jumped up and down and danced around. My class just starred at me! I was a very proud sister, and ran next door to tell my friend about it. :) 

Day 18: January 18, 2014: Mall date with my momma! People say we look alike.... I don't see it. 

Day 19: January 19, 2014: A trip down 85 ended my night with frozen yogurt and great conversation. Perfect way to end the Sunday!

Day 20: January 20, 2014: School holiday meant me and my best friend, Denise, headed to Athens for a little shopping and eating fun. I finally got to visit my friend at the restaurant he works at. GUYS. I'M BEING AS HONEST AS I CAN BE. Grindhouse Killer Burgers is a wonderful place to go to eat. Chill atmosphere. Great food. Great prices. Ask for Tim to be your server too!

Day 21: January 21, 2014: Sometimes I never know how Pandora will treat me at 6 in the morning, but this morning it was a perfect playlist all the way to work!

Day 22: Januar 22, 2014: Six years ago today heaven gained a true angel. Papa was one tough and honest guy. He taught me more about The Lord's love for me than anyone has. He was a true and honest man. I know he's looking down on me today and smiling. 

So far this year has been wonderful. New friendships. New beginnings. 2014 you are kind.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I was starting to think this post wouldn't make it up here tonight... I am beyond tired. But here we go...

#365daysofliz continues
Day 9: January 9, 2014:
Words could not describe this day. It ended with my desk being missing in papers and post-it notes. I don't even remember what happened, I just know that it was chaos. That is all. 

Day 10: January 10, 2014:
Healthy? No. Satisfied? Yes. I think I have spent so much time trying to get myself to fall asleep at night and then trying to get myself to wake up in the morning, that it has made me even more tired. Breakfast for dinner doesn't happen often, but I loved it. (No... I didn't even eat all of it)

Day 11: January 11, 2014:
What do we have here? Another picture of the precious W. We had girls night in on Saturday and I loved every minute of it. The purpose of our lives is to be happy, right? Well I was happy because of this girl (and the others at the house) :)

Day 12: January 12, 2014
I was so excited all day to get to see my bess frann Sunday, but unfortunately that didn't happen. So I left her a happy note on her car window. Yes, it is on a Chick-fil-a bag... I might be obsessed. 

Day 13: January 13, 2014:
"Should students have homework" opinion paper was started. This teacher over here was SHOCKED by how many of my kids said they should have homework. But hey, I'm not complaining!

Day 14: January 14, 2014
Me oh my! Tuesday was a LONG day for us teachers. We had Literacy Night from 6-7:30, so we stayed at the school for 12 long hard hours. We are looking a mess but still smiling. (Notice my name tag is backwards... yep it was like this all day). I love my third grade team. 

Then after Literacy Night I headed to a friends basketball game. Needless to say I was exhausted after all of this. But it was a fairly good day!

Day 15: January 15, 2014:
After a very, very long day for this girl on Tuesday I treated myself to a breakfast of champions Wednesday morning. I think I deserved it. 

Here's to another successful, healthy and happy week for 2014. I have a three day weekend this weekend and I will be more than happy to catch up on my lost sleep!

Have a great rest of your week!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh. My. Planner.

If you know ANYTHING about myself and my teaching, you know that I can NOT function without my lesson planner. It just isn't any regular planner, it's an Erin Condren planner! I am in love and will forever be in love with these planners. I personally have bought my amazing lesson planner, but I also bought the desktop calendar which I also can't function without. I am always having to check both places to see what meetings and events I have to attend. I can't even explain how IN LOVE I am with Erin Condren and her designs!

If that didn't convince you enough, watch this video!

Through the blogging world I have found one of my new favorite teaching blogs, Literacy and Laughter. They were my favorite before I even saw the post about an Erin Condren giveaway... ohhh now for sure it is my favorite blog ever!!! :) Head over to the blog and enter to win the giveaway. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


One of my goals this year was to take one picture every day to document my year. Simple, eh? Kinda. Remembering to take the picture is easy, I take about 5 pictures a day in my classroom, but remembering to post the picture is difficult. So far I have accomplished this goal, I know it's only day 8, but eight days done. 

So here is my #365daysofliz update:

Day 1: January 1, 2014. 
   You, whoever you are, will be seeing a bunch of pictures of this little princess and her brother. I got to spend January 1st with these kids, oh and their parents. A year ago I started student teaching with a complete stranger. I knew the resource teacher in our room, but knew nothing of the actual teacher. A year later she is one of my closest friends and I am at her house every week either babysitting, hanging with her kids, or eating a random dinner with her and her husband. So what other way to bring in the New Year than spend it with G and W. 

Day 2: January 2, 2014
    Who needs just one goal for the New Year, I made many. My second goal was to hit the gym more. Hey, I'm paying $15/month I should get some use out of that money. I started using the 5K Runner app on my phone when I was running. It controls how long to run and then walk during the 25-30 minute workout. I have missed running, but boy I am nowhere as fast as I once was. But if I started out at my best, there wouldn't be room for improvement.

 Day 3: January 3, 2014
    One of my gifts that I got for Christmas was a jewelry holder. I'm pretty proud of my dad for picking it out for me, I love it! (I may need one....or two more). For some reason I was on a cleaning and organizing spree this day and went crazy! This took me forever, but I felt so accomplished! 

 Day 4: January 4, 2014
    My favorite Disney movie in the entire world is Mary Poppins, so when I finally went to see Saving Mr. Banks I was thrilled. AH-MAZZZZZ-ING! Loved it. If you haven't gone to see it yet, drop what you are doing and GO!
Mom- I'll go with you!

Day 5: January 5, 2014
    If anyone knows me at all, they know I am slightly obsessed with Old Navy. I go way too often and spend way too much money there. So when I opened a Christmas gift and it was an Old Navy gift card I was overjoyed! I got myself some new workout gear and I love all of it!
Day 6: January 6, 2014:
    Monday was our first day back at work and it was an easy day. After our first meeting our awesome principal told us that after we finished the last meeting at 10, we could go home since the weather was bad. Since I am a first year teacher I of course stayed until 1ish and planned with some teammates. 

Day 7: January 7th, 2014: 
    Our county called a "cold day" for our first day back. The temperatures this morning were in the single digits. I enjoyed the afternoon hanging out with my brothers. We played the electronic banking version of Monopoly, my least favorite board game ever! After an hour and eight minutes into to game we quit (yes I timed it, this game NEVER ends).  I got really good at saying, "Sure, I'll buy that property for 1.3 million. Here's my credit card."

Day 8: January 8, 2014
    My first day back to school was pretty successful.... okay I'll be honest it was a bit stressful. Before lunch in room 4.223 we had 2 bloody noses, 2 girls crying, one chid hit in the eye with a book and one new student. My favorite part of the day was our writing lesson we did. It was the introduction to opinion writing. (I will be honest and say I found this on pinterest... I would not be able to survive as a teacher without pinterest!)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everyday I am learning something new with this blog. I use to think I was tech savvy, but now with this new blog AND a new macbook I feel completely illiterate. Currently I am trying to:

  •  Figure out how to create the hyperlink to my blog into the comment bar on other peoples blog.
  • Add the "Follow me on Bloglovin" link
Those are my two major difficulties right now. I have googled it and failed at following the directions. :(

ANY help would be fabulous! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014


This is quite exciting, my first "currently" post! I'm excited to be linking up with Farley this time!

Listening: DUH! Law and Order: SVU is one of my favorites! I think I have seen almost every episode (and that's saying a lot since there are over 13 seasons). Still going strong too!

Loving: Oh winter break, you were nice to me. Break is over. Tonight is the last night. I hope I can sleep some and wake up easily tomorrow morning. HAHA!

Thinking: I was not made to handle the cold. It is freezing outside. And they are saying on Tuesday with the wind chill it will be -14 degrees. THIS IS GEORGIA! CRAZY!

Wanting: SEE ABOVE! HA 

Needing: I have no plans written for this week. Part of me thinks that is okay since tomorrow is a teacher workday. I will get it all planned out then ;)

Memory and/or tradition: Every Christmas Eve I spend it with my dad's family and then go home with them and wake up with the kids to see what Santa brought. Shortly later I head to my mom's house to open presents and spend time with them. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

I teach

 I have always dreamed of being a teacher. I would often play school with my younger sisters and dolls growing up. Not until I was interning did I really realize what I being molded into. 

 Many people think teaching is easy; summers off, holiday parties, teacher appreciation week, two weeks off for Christmas, etc. But unless you have been in the classroom, you just don't know. The number of lives I have already been apart of makes my heart full.

 For many of my students I am someone that will listen to them. From me asking about their favorite tv show to what they ate for breakfast, I listen. These children I teach need someone to listen. When I listen, they begin to trust me. 

I teach them to think. Not just in an educational way, but to think beyond what the text says. Think about their feelings. Think about their futures. Think about their tomorrows. Just think. 

I listen to their questions. Questions deeper than what I am teaching. Questions about life. Questions about friendships and their education. Opening their minds to ideas of helping others and becoming a better person.

I support struggle. According to Merriam Webster the definition of struggle is: 
to try very hard to do, achieve, or deal with something that is difficult or that causes problems.
No I don't like seeing my students struggle, but to watch a child not understand how to add with regrouping, and then one day he finally has a light bulb moment, reminds me of why I am teaching. I can finally see success stem off of struggle. 

I learn every single day. I learn from my students. I learn from other teachers. I learn from parents. I learn how to love the unlovable. I learn how to have more patience. I learn about other students cultures. I learn about my students family traditions. I learn how to speak Spanish, the language of many of my students. 

But then I teach. I teach these kids how to be friends, how to care for one another, how to show respect. I teach them how to have fun. I teach them how to be thankful. More importantly I teach them that they can and will go to college. 

Is my job easy? No. Not in the least bit. But having the chance to shine and pour my love and knowledge into these 24 kids is the best thing ever. 

The days are difficult and long, but this is what I do. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. These 24 kids make me laugh, smile, cry, yell, dance and jump up and down. I love what I do. 


One day I allowed a student to help me clean up my desk a bit. I showed him how to line up all the papers, making sure they were straight and facing the correct way. Then I modeled how to use the hole puncher and let him hole punch a few papers. When he was finished he put them into a binder for me. Moments later his bus was called and he walked out the door. I was beginning to pack up to head home when he ran back into the room saying, "Ms. V, thanks for letting me help you today. I want to be a teacher like you when I grow up. Maybe one day I will be your teacher."


This is my passion. I teach. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

And Go.

I start this blog post not knowing if it will ever move into something greater. Will I meet life long friends on here? Will people have my blog saved on their bloglovin account? Who knows.
A friend posted this on Facebook:
“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. The anxious fear of “failure” is often the biggest thing that holds people back from reaching their goals. This year, I intend to toss that sorry excuse out the damn window and give myself more credit!!! 2014 will be a year of more intention and less hesitation.”
I can’t live this year with excuses again. Resolutions always made and never kept. This is a year of change. A year of intention and less hesitation. So today, January 1, 2014, is a day of change. A day to begin new and be new.
So maybe the only person reading my blog will be my best friend and my mom, who knows, but starting a blog has been an untouchable goal of mine for years. Less hesitation. More intention. 
2013 you were fun. 
2014 will be the best. 
Here I go.
Starting now