Saturday, June 28, 2014

Everything happens

As I have recently ended my first year of teaching I never had the chance to sit and reflect. With moving classrooms, moving to my apartment and catching up with old friends I didn't see all school year, my summer has been crazy busy but amazing! I seriously have learned so much about myself in the past year. I am capable of so much more than I ever thought. I have learned to not only teach, but listen and love. 

Yes, there were days I wanted to quit my job and never go back, but then the tiniest smile or conversation with a student reminded me of my love an passion for these kids. I had a note on my desk that said "enjoy today" and honestly it was a constant reminder to just enjoy that day. Don't let the stress of testing and meetings have an impact on my passion. 

All of my kids had a different story and background. Just being able to sit and listen to my kids. Having random lunches with them, asking how their weekend was, but just listening to them. That's what I miss the most. 

Everyone told me I'd always miss my first year kids and there were days I thought they were lying to me and I'd never miss this craziness. But I do. Everyday. I miss my babies. Even the ones who gave me my first grey hair. I miss them. 

The other day I sat and cried because one of my "favorite" (I know I'm not suppose to have favorites, but if you knew this kid you'd have favorites too) kids might be moving this summer so I won't see him again. He is the child that made me cry on the last day of school and still today. He started my year by always being at my side, holding my hand in the hallway just because he wanted to feel special, then slowly he changed. Behaviors happened that broke my heart and after continuing to make him feel like he was a person in our family of 4.223 things changed again for the better. On the last day of school while I walked the second load down to the bus, we had one last talk. He told me he didn't want to move because he wouldn't have me at his new school. I fought back tears and told him he would make new friends and would have an amazing teacher there. As we approached his bus he told me bye and gave me a small hug. He walked off and I continued waving to the rest of the kids. Then I felt a small body leached onto my leg. I looked down and it was this student. "Bye Ms. Vaughn I'll miss you." And then he smiled and ran off. 

Friends. I lost it. Tears flowed down my face. This year was tough, but the kids made it worth it. 

This is how you know your are in the right profession. These kids are my purpose in life. To teach them the "school" things but also teach them to love, be friends, to listen, to be kind and to always always always know they are loved. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home

I have moved into my new place and it's starting to actually feel like MY place.
Tonight we had our first "guest" over and we cooked a new pasta recipe. It was yummy!

Now our night of watching Braves baseball and hopefully later (if the rain holds out) watching Gwinnett Braves fireworks. :)


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#365daysofliz Day 160 +

This past week has been crazy. I'm moving into my apartment Saturday and I have been running errands, getting all my furniture and home decor items. Today we did the final walk thru and payed our June rent. EEEK!!! It's getting so close! 

So here is my update: 
Day 160: June 9, 2014: Finally signed my lease and as I walked out the manager said, " Welcome home Lizzie" AHHH! This is unreal!

Day 161: June 10, 2014: Definitely not the distance I wanted but I was breaking in my new Nikes so I was okay with it! 

Day 162: June 11, 2014: What you can't see are my feet propped up and I'm laying back in a recliner at the movie theater!

Day 163: June 12, 2014: The trip to Ikea was a success. I got a whole lot and didn't even spend a whole lot! So excited to get it into my new place. 

Day 164: June 13, 2014: A night of Chinese food for dinner. On the empty floor. With friends. Perfect Friday night. 

Day 165: June 14, 2014: This is my little cousin. I can't believe this baby is six years old already. She got a waitress/ diner costume and wore it all day (even to the bowling alley) 

Day 166: June 15, 2014: Dad took a LONG afternoon nap on Father's Day so that left me to hang out with my brother. I'm gonna miss this kid when he leave for Mississippi State in August. 

Day 167: June 16, 2014: This girl is growing up and surprises me every time I see her. I'm glad to be moving out closer to her house soon!

Day 168: June 17, 2014: This dresser was the biggest nightmare for me. I fell in love with it but couldn't decide if the color would look good with my bed or if it would fit in the room. I am TERRIBLE at making decisions, but I'm glad I finally drove back out to the mall to buy this big baby! 

This time next week when I post I will posting pictures of my new place! Ahhh! So happy!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

#365daysofliz 152+

Quick update!
Day 152: Sunday visit to Chipotle and we were the no pout twins.  

Day 153: I started the book Wonder over Spring Break and once I went back to work I never touched it again. But thank goodness for summer days and shade, because I finally finished. 

Day 154: Thank The Lord I had an amazing team at work. This is only part of the team, the young group! Lunch dates over the summer are perfect!

Day 155: Happy to report I got this amazing end table from Ballard Designs! First big purchase for the apartment! 

Day 156: Celebration dinner for Kate for finishing and passing her MAT. But then the storm came and we ordered extra chips and salsa. This friendship was made by a piece of chewed up gum in sixth grade. :)

Day 157: Sometimes you just need to stop and take a day to yourself. I listened to a new pandora station, turned my phone off for a couple hours, and found my favorite picture of Big Nanny. 

Day 158: Me oh my. I am so thankful for these kids and their parents. 

Day 159: Sunday Funday. Game of bball before the Sunday trip to Chipotle

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Currently

I'm linking up with Farley again this month!

Listening: DUH! Sunday afternoon SVU marathon!
Loving: Hello JUNE!!! I seriously can't believe it's already June. June. Month six. Woah. 
Thinking: I move into my new apartment in 20 days. I am SO excited and so happy. I am ready for this new chapter in my life.
Wanting: I'm taking applications for anyone to come and clean my room up. Just shoot me a message if you would like to come over and clean :) I can pay in cookies and/or dinner. 
Needing: I have found myself looking back at the past and wanting to rekindle old friendships, but I have to keep in mind that things happened for a reason and people changed for a reason. I need to close those old chapters in my story and prepare myself for the new ones!
Summer Bucket List: Self explanatory. But man my braves are rocking it the past few nights. And we called up Shae Simmons and I am possibly in love with this kid. :)