Wednesday, July 29, 2015

End of summer rant: AND GO!

How in the world is summer vacation almost over? I can't handle this! I have LOVED my summer, it was so relaxing. I am NOT ready to go back. I know once I get into the groove again I'll be fine....but until then I might be a Negative Nancy.      :( 

Sadly I spent Thursday night in Urgent Care because I fell down the concrete stairs. After that three hour visit and then a visit with the orthopedist, they came to the conclusion I have a grade 3 severe sprain and I must stay in the boot for a couple weeks. Doc said to use crutches if I'm up walking a lot. And in two weeks we will meet again to look at my progress before turning to the MRI. 


Needless to say I'm seriously stressing out about preplanning and the first week of school. I keep seeing everyones posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest about their classrooms and it makes me a wee bit stressed. The first few weeks are already tiring because you aren't use to that much standing and walking (and talking), but this is gonna be rough. 

Here's to enjoying the last few days of vacation! 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been nothing but amazing. I literally have spent most of my summer just relaxing! (and going to every doctors, dentist and eye appointment possible). I realized I haven't posted any pictures of life lately in a while! (Mainly just so I can look back and remember everything). But if you follow me on Instagram you have seen all of these! So here goes...

Gwinnett Braves game 6. 5. 15

M's surprise birthday dinner 6. 11. 15
The group at M's surprise birthday dinner 6. 11. 15

World of Coke 6. 12. 15

Top Golf with Katelyn and her family 6. 19. 15

Atlanta Braves Game 6. 20. 15

Little brothers helping me move 6. 25. 15

Overall we LOVE baseball and will be back at the field Saturday with our crew! So excited!

Oh July, my love.

How in the world is it already July!? But that only means one thing... time for a Currently. Linking up with Farley again!

DUH! I love me some Stabler and Benson! Even the really old episodes where Benson looks so different. 

Tomorrow is Friday! Which means M comes home.  :)  And we have plans with our friends for the 4th of July! Pool. Grilling. && Baseball. 

HOW IS IT ALREADY JULY? I am so not ready to go back to work. I have enjoyed this time off so much. It has definitely been dedicated to resting and relaxing this summer. Since in August I will start classes to get gifted endorsed and next summer I start grad school. So I have really enjoyed doing just about nothing during the day. 

Next Wednesday I move into my new apartment. But next Thursday I will wake up in my own bed again. I'm so excited.

Speaking of moving.... I need a free moving company//friends.  I will buy pizza after, I promise! 

All Star: 
Laughing. I love it and can easily crack a joke and make you laugh.... you might be laughing at me, but hey!