Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Year in Review

I love looking back on all of my pictures that I took during the year and reminiscing on all the events and things that happened. This year has been amazing. Absolutely amazing. I met so many amazing people and made so many new friends.

Here's last years 2014 review. No doubt this year was 1000 times better!


I brought in the New Year with my closest high school friends. It was an amazing end to 2014 and I brought in 2015 with lots of laughter.

Then I got my January 1st photo with Baby Girl Wren.

I mean take a look at the transformation from January 2014 (left) and January 2015 (right).

Then I met this guy! Our first date was January 25. :) I can't believe it's almost been a year. 


I spent a lot of time with the fella. We got some "snow" days. But hey when Gwinnett County calls a snow day you take it and relax! 

We went and did some shooting.


Spent a nasty, rainy Saturday with my sisters. 

Then my first trip to Charleston with the boy. I love that city!!

We took our first picture together :) 

I went to my first Hawks basketball game!


Spring Break at the Georgia Moon, of course! This was my first time paddle boarding. 

We had a surprise visit from Casey. 

We love going to Top Golf. We went with a big group of friends and it was awesome. This is still my favorite picture of us.


Lots of Braves Baseball

We survived our third year together! I wouldn't be able to survive teaching without these two people!

And another trip to Charleston. 


More baseball (Gwinnett Braves)

This guy's big 2-4.

Random Top Golf with the bestie


More baseball... duh!

More shooting! (Oh and I fell down the stairs and got a grade three severe sprain. I had to wear this lovely boot for over two months.)


The big 2 -5 for me! How did we celebrate? BRAVES BASEBALL!

Birthday celebrations with family


Another trip to Charleston

The Gwinnett County fair came in town and I had to take Michael since he had never gone before. The swings were and still are my favorite. 


It was our first Halloween together and we carved this awesome pumpkin. I free hand drew it and he carved. 


Mustache Monday at work to raise money for United Way. 

These girls are my heart and they came into my life at just the right time.

And then another trip to Charleston. I always tell MG we never go.... But clearly we go all the time! Michael ran the bridge while I sat and looked at this gorgeous view! 


I finally got my new teaching blog up and running! I am in love with how it turned out. 

We attended a ton of Christmas parties this year. But this one was my favorite! 

Christmas with my family!

And we are headed to Maryland tomorrow morning to have Christmas with his family. 

This year has been absolutely the best, I can't wait to see what the future holds. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Currently November 15

Hello strangers! Linking up with Farley again this time! I haven't done a currently in a long time!

We went to a cute little restaurant in Grayson this weekend called Graft and their pimento cheese is to die for! I got the graft burger and it was absolutely heaven on a bun. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looking Back

I seem to be so busy and have so many ideas of what to blog about but I never have a chance to. 

I wanted to blog about how my class remembered 9/11. I wanted to blog about my dreams for TpT and Insta. I wanted to blog about my life and everything happening. But life is just happening too fast. My weekly calendar is completely packed every single evening and on weekends I just want to relax, but I also have the mindset to just keep going. I'll just go to bed early another night, but I never do. Life is happening. It scares me not knowing what is going on with my future. But it's happening. 

I started this blog in hopes to make it something big. But over the time I have learned that I need to blog for myself. I know I have said this before, but it just is something that is true for me more now than ever.     For example: Today Michael and I are going to the Gwinnett County Fair. He didn't understand why I wanted to go at first. I explained to him that Papa took me to the fair when I was a kid. Sometimes we would just go and walk around and other times we would go and eat the food, people watch, and leave. But every time we went Papa always would wait for me while I rode the swings. I would wave down to him as the swings began to rise up and as I was flying through the sky I would carefully look down and see Papa still waving from the bottom! The swings are my absolute favorite ride at the fair (and they are definitely in my top 5 rides at Six Flags). But anyways back to my story... thinking back to all the trips to the fair with Papa made me really miss him. He's been gone since 2008, but the memories of him are still remembered today. This morning I looked at my blog post that I posted on January 22, 2015-- the seven year anniversary of him being gone. I will always remember the memories we had with him, but me blogging about it that night allows me to look back and laugh about some of the things that crazy man did.

Life is crazy and I love it!



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

End of summer rant: AND GO!

How in the world is summer vacation almost over? I can't handle this! I have LOVED my summer, it was so relaxing. I am NOT ready to go back. I know once I get into the groove again I'll be fine....but until then I might be a Negative Nancy.      :( 

Sadly I spent Thursday night in Urgent Care because I fell down the concrete stairs. After that three hour visit and then a visit with the orthopedist, they came to the conclusion I have a grade 3 severe sprain and I must stay in the boot for a couple weeks. Doc said to use crutches if I'm up walking a lot. And in two weeks we will meet again to look at my progress before turning to the MRI. 


Needless to say I'm seriously stressing out about preplanning and the first week of school. I keep seeing everyones posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest about their classrooms and it makes me a wee bit stressed. The first few weeks are already tiring because you aren't use to that much standing and walking (and talking), but this is gonna be rough. 

Here's to enjoying the last few days of vacation! 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Life Lately

Life lately has been nothing but amazing. I literally have spent most of my summer just relaxing! (and going to every doctors, dentist and eye appointment possible). I realized I haven't posted any pictures of life lately in a while! (Mainly just so I can look back and remember everything). But if you follow me on Instagram you have seen all of these! So here goes...

Gwinnett Braves game 6. 5. 15

M's surprise birthday dinner 6. 11. 15
The group at M's surprise birthday dinner 6. 11. 15

World of Coke 6. 12. 15

Top Golf with Katelyn and her family 6. 19. 15

Atlanta Braves Game 6. 20. 15

Little brothers helping me move 6. 25. 15

Overall we LOVE baseball and will be back at the field Saturday with our crew! So excited!

Oh July, my love.

How in the world is it already July!? But that only means one thing... time for a Currently. Linking up with Farley again!

DUH! I love me some Stabler and Benson! Even the really old episodes where Benson looks so different. 

Tomorrow is Friday! Which means M comes home.  :)  And we have plans with our friends for the 4th of July! Pool. Grilling. && Baseball. 

HOW IS IT ALREADY JULY? I am so not ready to go back to work. I have enjoyed this time off so much. It has definitely been dedicated to resting and relaxing this summer. Since in August I will start classes to get gifted endorsed and next summer I start grad school. So I have really enjoyed doing just about nothing during the day. 

Next Wednesday I move into my new apartment. But next Thursday I will wake up in my own bed again. I'm so excited.

Speaking of moving.... I need a free moving company//friends.  I will buy pizza after, I promise! 

All Star: 
Laughing. I love it and can easily crack a joke and make you laugh.... you might be laughing at me, but hey!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nothing Can Compare

Bryan and Katie Torwalt sing a song on their album "Here on Earth" called Holy Spirit. I have heard this song so many times by many different artists, but just today I have stopped to really listen to the words. 

There's nothing worth more
That will ever come close
Nothing can compare
You're our Living Hope
Your Presence
I've tasted and seen
Of the sweetest of loves
Where my heart becomes free
And my shame is undone
Your presence Lord
Holy Spirit You are welcome here
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere
Your glory God is what our hearts long for
To be overcome by Your presence Lord

Your presence Lord
There's nothing worth more
That will ever come close
Nothing can compare
You're our Living Hope

I get so bogged down with life that I don't just stop and listen. Things don't go the way I want them to go and I want to give up. I'm so guilty of listening to others opinions and thoughts before praying about it. Continually waiting on one thing to be said or done and not just praying about it.  I forget that it's not my plan, but it's His. Like the song says, "Nothing can compare, You're our Living Hope." He is my hope. He is our hope. There is nothing in this world that can compare to his love for me. My heart longs for his love and to be overcome by him. I want more of Him.