Sunday, June 8, 2014

#365daysofliz 152+

Quick update!
Day 152: Sunday visit to Chipotle and we were the no pout twins.  

Day 153: I started the book Wonder over Spring Break and once I went back to work I never touched it again. But thank goodness for summer days and shade, because I finally finished. 

Day 154: Thank The Lord I had an amazing team at work. This is only part of the team, the young group! Lunch dates over the summer are perfect!

Day 155: Happy to report I got this amazing end table from Ballard Designs! First big purchase for the apartment! 

Day 156: Celebration dinner for Kate for finishing and passing her MAT. But then the storm came and we ordered extra chips and salsa. This friendship was made by a piece of chewed up gum in sixth grade. :)

Day 157: Sometimes you just need to stop and take a day to yourself. I listened to a new pandora station, turned my phone off for a couple hours, and found my favorite picture of Big Nanny. 

Day 158: Me oh my. I am so thankful for these kids and their parents. 

Day 159: Sunday Funday. Game of bball before the Sunday trip to Chipotle

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