Saturday, April 19, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

Maybe a month ago I passed a coworker in the halls and commented her leopard scarf. We talked about all the cute things you can wear with a leopard scarf and how I have always wanted one. She told me she got hers at Old Navy, but I knew it wasn't there anymore. 

One day this week I went to my mailbox at work and out rolled this scarf with a note saying "Found this for you. Enjoy" 

I smiled. My heart smiled. Her one act of kindness reminded me that people are still kind. 
How have you shared a random act of kindness recently? 

Also check out Sheaffer's Post about how to pair your leopard scarf up with a cute outfit!

xoxo lizzie


I'm a little behind schedule, but hey at least I'm doing the currently this month! I'm linking up with Farley again!

Listening to the dry turn. Yes. I am doing laundry. Yes. I am starting and finishing my laundry all in the same day! CHECK!

Loving that I have six weeks until summer vacation. This spring break spoiled me ( I will post later for that). I cannot wait until I am off of school for two months and I can spend my summer days at the beach!

Wanting summer vacation. SEE ABOVE! DUH!

Needing advil. Today Zaxby's gave me regular coke instead of diet coke... shame. Now I have a headache

Last day with kids is May 21st. I can do this. I can't believe my first year of teaching is almost over!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take me back

Spring Break 2014 was amazing. I needed a break from work and life so bad. I couldn't have asked for a better week. Being at the beach kind of spoiled me. I was with friends and had constant laughter, happiness and love all week long. I could go on and on about the week, but instead I will fill my post with pictures. :) 

Our crew at the Color Run!

Found my third grade teaching buddy at the race!

Happy tat

Make a silly face!

This was what the back porch leads to. A dock on the lagoon. Take me back. 

Went through this maze one day. Took us 27 minutes. ONE MINUTE longer than the last person on the honor board. UGH! I will beat that time when we go back in June!

My view while trying to tan. :) 

Scoot Coupe fun

I got a birdie! Proud golfing moment!

Bonfire on the dock. Love. 

Caught my dinner! Yum!

This was our sunset the last night! TAKE ME BACK!
One last meal on the beach Saturday afternoon!

I came home a little tanner with a whole lot more freckles. :)


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Spring Break 2014 you are treating me well. So far this week I have stayed up till 2 am, ate on the beach twice, spent a day on the beach, rode scoot coupes down the strip, had a bonfire on the dock and attempted to tan in the 69 degree sun and wind. 
Today we get the pontoon out and head to shell island! 

I will leave you loves with my view for the week. 


Friday, April 4, 2014

minor dream accomplished

Pinterest. Teachers Pay Teachers. These are a few of my favorite things. 

When I was preparing my classroom this summer, I spent many afternoons and nights searching other teachers blogs and Pinterest for ideas. I dreamed of having fun and colorful lessons every week. Hands on activities that the kids would love and I could take pictures of and everyone would be impressed and I wouldn't be stressed or troubled. 

Dreamed. I dreamed. Clearly that's not my reality. But lately, I have somehow had time and had fun lessons that the kids enjoyed doing ... they didn't even realize they were learning! :) HA! And guess what I took pictures. SHOCKER!!! Dream accomplished! Much of what we did didn't even make it to the hallway! There was just so much fun and learning in room 4.223!

We created our own superlative adjective sentences after reading the book Things that are Most in the World! The kids were so creative with this activity!

Fraction Ice Cream was a little more stressful than I hoped. But it's cute and taught the lesson! They picked how many scoops of ice cream they wanted and then decided what fractional amount they would have in their bowl.

This is what I dreamed of when I thought about my dream classroom. This makes my little heart happy. 

Happy teacher. Happy classroom.