Thursday, August 7, 2014

A trip to 4.209

Me oh my! Summer is over and the school year has started. Things have been crazy since the end of July. AND I haven't blogged in over a month. A month. So much for blogging every week or so. 

Short rant-----

I have been struggling with blogging mainly because I think who cares. Who reads this? Does anyone? So then I quickly decide not to post my thoughts and I go on with life. But I have to remember that I'm blogging for myself. Somewhere to capture the moments of my life and look back on them later. I remember posting earlier this year and talking about how I need to blog for myself, not for the eyes that read this. So here's to hoping I can get back on track and blog a little more!

Now onto the good stuff!----

This week in room 4.209 we have been talking about diversity. We have done many activities to see how diverse are room is (and boy it really is). Today though we read A Bad Case of Stripes. All the kids had read it before but they were excited for the activity I had after! 

We created our own short writing about what we like that may be different from someone else. I gave the example that I like asparagus, of course they all said yuck!

I was very pleased with how hard they worked on this and the turn out of their work!
Check it out below!!!

Maybe a classroom tour will happen once things settle down :)


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