Saturday, September 13, 2014

Football Saturday

Because it's football Saturday, I guess it's a good day to post my students' Tackling Proper Nouns activity. I found this online using caps and baseballs.... But this football girl had to change it up! 😊

We spent last week working on proper nouns, so for our final assignment I grouped the kids up and each group had a different category (people, titles, countries, and days/months). They wrote their proper noun onto a football and then colored them. Each group had about 30 footballs to label. It was so cute, they loved it! They then chose one football and wrote a sentence using that proper noun correctly. 

I then had my last bus call kids cut out the letters for the title and create the field posts. They did it all!! I just put it up! 

Check it out!

That's all for now! Just waiting on this halftime to be over and the Dawgs to win!


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