Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 days.

They say your first year of teaching is always the hardest. Man. If it's not, I don't know how I will continue. This year is kicking my butt. Literally I'm falling apart. Monday- Friday I pull 9-10 hour workdays, Saturdays I take off, and Sundays I'm back in the books trying to figure out how to fit EVERYTHING into the next 16 days before the CRCT. 

16. Sixteen. 1-6 days until the big CRCT. 

I can't. 
I just can't. 

With the stress of teaching I started running again... bad idea. I messed up my knee again. Doc is sending me to a specialist and I'm headed to possibly be getting injections in my knee. I'm too young for all this stress and pain. 

BUT PRAISE THE LORD SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK! Only five school days left until I am on vacation. Really only four teaching days, because Thursday we are going on a field trip. (Prayers are being accepted now!)

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