Friday, April 4, 2014

minor dream accomplished

Pinterest. Teachers Pay Teachers. These are a few of my favorite things. 

When I was preparing my classroom this summer, I spent many afternoons and nights searching other teachers blogs and Pinterest for ideas. I dreamed of having fun and colorful lessons every week. Hands on activities that the kids would love and I could take pictures of and everyone would be impressed and I wouldn't be stressed or troubled. 

Dreamed. I dreamed. Clearly that's not my reality. But lately, I have somehow had time and had fun lessons that the kids enjoyed doing ... they didn't even realize they were learning! :) HA! And guess what I took pictures. SHOCKER!!! Dream accomplished! Much of what we did didn't even make it to the hallway! There was just so much fun and learning in room 4.223!

We created our own superlative adjective sentences after reading the book Things that are Most in the World! The kids were so creative with this activity!

Fraction Ice Cream was a little more stressful than I hoped. But it's cute and taught the lesson! They picked how many scoops of ice cream they wanted and then decided what fractional amount they would have in their bowl.

This is what I dreamed of when I thought about my dream classroom. This makes my little heart happy. 

Happy teacher. Happy classroom. 

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