Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take me back

Spring Break 2014 was amazing. I needed a break from work and life so bad. I couldn't have asked for a better week. Being at the beach kind of spoiled me. I was with friends and had constant laughter, happiness and love all week long. I could go on and on about the week, but instead I will fill my post with pictures. :) 

Our crew at the Color Run!

Found my third grade teaching buddy at the race!

Happy tat

Make a silly face!

This was what the back porch leads to. A dock on the lagoon. Take me back. 

Went through this maze one day. Took us 27 minutes. ONE MINUTE longer than the last person on the honor board. UGH! I will beat that time when we go back in June!

My view while trying to tan. :) 

Scoot Coupe fun

I got a birdie! Proud golfing moment!

Bonfire on the dock. Love. 

Caught my dinner! Yum!

This was our sunset the last night! TAKE ME BACK!
One last meal on the beach Saturday afternoon!

I came home a little tanner with a whole lot more freckles. :)


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