Saturday, February 28, 2015


People don't always leave out of hate and anger. Moving creates change. Moving on is a huge step, a huge step of faith. Something that takes prayer and focus. Moving can be big or small. Moving houses. Moving schools. Moving rooms.  Moving churches. Moving cities. It's all the same. Leaving behind the memories and people in hopes for a better tomorrow. 

In the past two or so years I have moved on more than I ever imagined. I left my parents house, left my home church, left all my friends there and just moved. It's been eye opening for myself to see what I can do and who really matters. 

Depending on others became a norm. I knew my plans every Sunday no matter what. My huge group of friends would meet after church for lunch and hangout at someone's house until evening service began. It became the regular. Moving on from that takes trust in yourself. I had a comfort knowing that I had people there for me. When you leave and move on people change. Thinking you're mad and they don't speak. Is that right? No. Am I guilty of it too? Of course. Friendships lost because I live 45 minutes away now? That's craziness. People I always thought would be there for me and love me I never hear from anymore. 

I'm not writing all of this to make anyone feel bad, I'm really writing it for myself to see that change is okay. Change is good. Even though change closes doors, it opens them at the same time. I was somewhere I didn't belong. I wasn't changing for myself. Nothing is as painful as staying somewhere and not changing. I have become a stronger and more independent person because of these changes. I have learned about others, but most importantly about myself. 

Maybe I had to let go of who I was in order to become to I am. Old ways won't open new doors. 

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