Thursday, January 29, 2015

Extra! Extra!

Last week my students' had a homework assignment to write about their favorite subject in school. From a class of 24 about 9 of them wrote about Social Studies being their favorite subject (this made my heart smile). Their reasons made me laugh, only because they were 100% true. 

Social Studies is my absolute favorite subject to teach.

 Absolute. Favorite.

I get loud. I get excited. And I use silly voices to teach my students the material. If it helps them remember it, then BAM I'll do it. 

This week are are learning about Franklin D. Roosevelt. Yesterday we rapped about him and today he went MISSING! We had to post our newspaper ad's in the hallway to help search for him. My kids did excellent on this assignment and I just want to brag for a minute! Check it out below! I got this from Ashleigh's Education Journey


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