Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looking Back

I seem to be so busy and have so many ideas of what to blog about but I never have a chance to. 

I wanted to blog about how my class remembered 9/11. I wanted to blog about my dreams for TpT and Insta. I wanted to blog about my life and everything happening. But life is just happening too fast. My weekly calendar is completely packed every single evening and on weekends I just want to relax, but I also have the mindset to just keep going. I'll just go to bed early another night, but I never do. Life is happening. It scares me not knowing what is going on with my future. But it's happening. 

I started this blog in hopes to make it something big. But over the time I have learned that I need to blog for myself. I know I have said this before, but it just is something that is true for me more now than ever.     For example: Today Michael and I are going to the Gwinnett County Fair. He didn't understand why I wanted to go at first. I explained to him that Papa took me to the fair when I was a kid. Sometimes we would just go and walk around and other times we would go and eat the food, people watch, and leave. But every time we went Papa always would wait for me while I rode the swings. I would wave down to him as the swings began to rise up and as I was flying through the sky I would carefully look down and see Papa still waving from the bottom! The swings are my absolute favorite ride at the fair (and they are definitely in my top 5 rides at Six Flags). But anyways back to my story... thinking back to all the trips to the fair with Papa made me really miss him. He's been gone since 2008, but the memories of him are still remembered today. This morning I looked at my blog post that I posted on January 22, 2015-- the seven year anniversary of him being gone. I will always remember the memories we had with him, but me blogging about it that night allows me to look back and laugh about some of the things that crazy man did.

Life is crazy and I love it!



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