Friday, February 21, 2014

Creative Teaching Organizer

I have always read other teacher's blogs and I have read them rave over certain items that they used in their classroom. Of course, deep down I think to myself ... how much are they being paid to advertise for this company and did they even really use it in their room. I can promise you everything I say in this post is 110% the truth and my own opinion from my own classroom experiences THIS WEEK!

Every. Single. Last. Detail. 

Creative Teaching. Go there. Now. This post is all about one of the items I received and I LOVE. 

Introducing the Narrative Writing Organizer...

This thing has brought so many smiles and so much excitement into my classroom from my kids. And even from me... I actually look forward to teaching writing now! Third grade is trying to prepare for the writing test, so we are quickly reviewing the three types of writing again so that we can push out amazing papers in March for the scoring. This week my class worked on completing this organizer. Check out this amazing organizer!
When you open it up this is the first thing you see. On the left it shows the kids helpful words to use in their writing: Character traits, sensory words, setting words, places, verbs.  On the right it shows strong leads and strong closings for narrative writing. Also a punctuation and capitalization review!

The inside shows the kids how to create their paragraphs. We have been noticing that a lot of our struggle with forming paragraphs. This organizer shows them what to put in each paragraph for personal and fictional narratives. The middle has the transition words they can use and then BAM it starts them with their graphic organizer.

 Then the kids begin brainstorming their middle and end for their writing. On the write is a spot for them to begin writing their rough draft. We haven't gotten to this yet in our room, but hope to on Monday!

A checklist is on the back! Perfect reminder for those who "think" they are done. 
This organizer has honestly made my kids REALLY see the parts they should have for their paper. I can't wait to see how much their papers improve after using this organizer for narratives! I also can't wait to use the informational organizer and the opinion organizer as well!

So you still don't know if you should order it or not... Well here's the quick reasons why you should:
  • Kids love it!
  • You will love it
  • It has an 8 page teacher guide
  • Breaks down the entire writing process into simple steps
  • It has a list of the common core standards addressed
  • It's a convenient, all in one resource. 

 Do it! Order it now! HERE

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