Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Focus on the good.

I feel like I haven't posted in so long. It's only been nine days. That's okay. I don't want to just blog everyday because "I have to". I want to blog with purpose, with reason. 

Things have been going really great lately. Work is finally making some sort of sense. I am actually feeling like I can accomplish this difficult task, most days. All of the data, the meetings, the paperwork, the emails, the conferences, the grading and most importantly the teaching is finally having some sort of balance in my days. Yes, there are days where I want to scream and run away forever, but I am learning to control those feelings and focus on the good in life. And I am seeing God's plan for me. Some days in my past have been so dark to where I didn't think I could be "happy" like many of my other friends, but I am seeing that I am. I just had to wait for His plan to shine through. 


This has been my reminder this year. It was the background on my phone for a while. Now it's posted on my desk at work and on my desktop calendar. I must remember this. There is good in everything, you just have to focus on it. 

So with my busy life lately, I haven't posted my #365daysofliz post. Here goes.. My life for the past two weeks. and go!

Day 30: January 30, 2014:
Another snow day. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Day 31: January 31, 2014: 
Dinner date with this old friend. 

Day 32: February 1, 2014:
Spent the evening with this doll face. 

Day 33: February 2, 2014: 
Finally got to see these girls. Happy Sunday!

Day 34: February 3, 2014:
Really focused on the good in everything with this gorgeous sunrise.

Day 35: February 4, 2014: 
Proud teacher moment for me today as some of my hardest working kids made a solid 100 on their math tests. So proud. 

Day 36: February 5, 2014: 
My Wednesday nights are back. :)

Day 37: February 6, 2014:
The best part of waking up before the sunrise is watching it rise on my drive into work. Beauty. Real beauty. 

Day 38: February 7, 2014: 
Another long night of basketball games, but I was happy to spend some time with this champ. This boy is a beast of a basketball player, and I'm proud of him. :)

Day 39: February 8, 2014: 
Our Saturday wouldn't be complete without a basketball game. JD and I played with the kids and dominated. :) All thanks to my penalty shot when AK head butt me. 

Day 40: February 9, 2014: 
Sunday night dinners. Wonderful company. Great food. And lots of encouragement. :) 

Day 41: February 10, 2014:
This weekend was PERFECT. A FaceTime call with my best friend was a perfect ending.

Day 42: February 11, 2014:
I am so excited to be able to be able to try out some of Creative Teaching Press's classroom items. Unfortunately the snow days are keeping me out of my room, so I'm not able to set up everything and use it yet... but be on the lookout for some reviews and photos of my classroom!

 Day 43: February 12, 2014: 
Snow Day number 2. Just my frozen view out the side window. 

So overall things have been going very well.  Are you having a snow day today? Enjoy!


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