Thursday, February 20, 2014

Full heart.

Well hello there blog world. How are you? I have been so busy the past six days that this is the first time I have turned on my laptop since last week during the snow storm. It's been a crazy week! This post will be my weekly update then a little bit of an update on what is going on with me! Tomorrow I plan on blogging about the Creative Learning Press writing organizers I am using in my classroom right now.

Day 44: February 13, 2014:
Georgia is not built for snow. And neither am I. I was finally kidnapped and taken to Chipotle during all of that snow junk we had. 

Day 45: February 14, 2014:
I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day. Ever. But this guy right here knows how to treat a lady. We had a fabulous night and I loved every minute of it. Yes, blog friends this is my new guy. This girl over here is super happy and not sure what I did to deserve him. 

 Day 46: February 15, 2014:
SAY WHAT? I finally found the girl scouts and got me and JD a box of cookies. Thin Mints for the win!

Day 47: February 16, 2014:
 I got to spend the day with my momma and some family I never get to see. We went to my cousin Jessie's baby shower. 

Day 48: February 17, 2014:
Because of the snow days we weren't at school for Valentine's Day so I was brought all sorts of gifts from my students the Monday we got back. 

 Day 49: February 18, 2014:
Birthday dinner for Amy was at Teds Montana Grill. It was so good to see all my teaching friends I'm not with anymore. I miss them bunches!

Day 50: February 19, 2014:
Wednesday night snuggles with this boy are the absolute best! (Is it seriously the 50th day of the year already?)

Day 51: February 20, 2014:
My students have NEVER EVER EVER been excited for writing class. No matter what I try there is always someone who is whining about it. But today when I said, "Get out your Narrative Writing Organizers." I kid you not... these kids cheered. They love using these organizers I got from Creative Teaching Press. I plan on blogging about them tomorrow after we finish working on our ending graphic organizer. 

Well that is my week in review. Seriously, this year is going by so fast. And honestly it is amazing. As you can see from day 45 I have a new guy. Yes.... *insert me blushing and a huge smile on my face.*  I honestly have no idea what I did to deserve this guy, but he treats me like I am a queen. :) 
He has met my family, even my dad (and those of you who know my dad know that this is a big deal). Pretty sure dad approved of JD! I have met JD's family and love them all! It really seems too good to be true. Here are some pictures that really show how the past few weeks have been spent with him. 

 We spent about 90 minutes looking at maps with his brother in law and sister
  Boys and their video games..... 

 We played my brothers and their friends in a game of basketball and destroyed them. All thanks to my penalty shot!

 Tango video calls are always interesting.

This girl has a full heart. 

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