Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little more & a weekly

Goodness gracious! These last few days have been crazy! Last week I was busy every single night and this week I haven't slowed down.

Today third grade had our Professional Development Planning Day. I love learning from my peers and being able to walk out with new ideas for my classroom! I can't wait to post one of the new things we talked about doing once I get it printed and laminated!

QUESTION: Teachers:

We are spending a lot of time in Social Studies learning about American Heroes. So far this year we have learned about Susan B. Anthony, Paul Revere, Mary McLeod Bethune, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and the list goes on and on. I want to have a fun project or activity for the kids to do to pull all of their knowledge on these hero's back into their minds.  I have seen the activities where they can create a "Fakebook" page or a Pinterest board about the person, but with my group of students I don't think that will grab all of their attentions. Our school is very diverse. 
Any idea? Please? Help a teacher out!? 

And now onto my weekly....
#365daysofliz continues...
one more week stronger!

Day 16: January 16, 2014: Just a normal 6:45 am trip to Kroger to buy all of the remaining diet coke that was on sale!

Day 17: January 17, 2014: This day had been a very rough day. I had lost another day of planning, for another meeting. Then when I got back to my classroom I had to deal with some student issues and I was very upset. I walked to my phone in hopes of having some happiness in my day and I received a text from my little brother saying he got accepted into MSU! I jumped up and down and danced around. My class just starred at me! I was a very proud sister, and ran next door to tell my friend about it. :) 

Day 18: January 18, 2014: Mall date with my momma! People say we look alike.... I don't see it. 

Day 19: January 19, 2014: A trip down 85 ended my night with frozen yogurt and great conversation. Perfect way to end the Sunday!

Day 20: January 20, 2014: School holiday meant me and my best friend, Denise, headed to Athens for a little shopping and eating fun. I finally got to visit my friend at the restaurant he works at. GUYS. I'M BEING AS HONEST AS I CAN BE. Grindhouse Killer Burgers is a wonderful place to go to eat. Chill atmosphere. Great food. Great prices. Ask for Tim to be your server too!

Day 21: January 21, 2014: Sometimes I never know how Pandora will treat me at 6 in the morning, but this morning it was a perfect playlist all the way to work!

Day 22: Januar 22, 2014: Six years ago today heaven gained a true angel. Papa was one tough and honest guy. He taught me more about The Lord's love for me than anyone has. He was a true and honest man. I know he's looking down on me today and smiling. 

So far this year has been wonderful. New friendships. New beginnings. 2014 you are kind.

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